Christmas Portrait Ideas




Want Ideas for Family Holiday Pictures That Are Fun
or Just Different From the Masses?


Tired of Family Picture Christmas Ideas That Are Oh So Stale and Outdated?


Don't you think that some professional family Christmas portraits are so É boring. Stuffy. Same old same old.


Everybody is dressed in their traditional "finest" and looks like theyŐd rather be doing anything else except sitting still for a family Christmas photo.


Want something different? You can still have a great professional portrait done for the holidays, but why not think outside of the box?  DonŐt settle for the same old idea thatŐs been done a hundred Christmas seasons past for thousands of other families.




Instead, check out the ideas in my short ebook with some very cool and fun Christmas Portrait Ideas and great photos to give you some ideas, and surprise your family and friends with something a lot more interesting this year!


How much?  It's a steal at the regular price of $9.95, but right now, you can grab it at ONLY $6.95!  Just think about how much you're spending on your Christmas portraits.  Why not make it actually worth your while!



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Wishing you a fantastic holiday season -- and photos you'll LOVE!




Elisabeth Kuhn



P.S.:  Isn't it time you had some Christmas portraits of your family that made you feel GOOD when you look at them?



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